Work Packages

The project is structured across six workpackages:

  • WP1: Requirements Analysis and Application Integration
  • WP2: Runtime Resource Management Infrastructure
  • WP3: Predictive Reliability and QoS Enforcing Methodologies
  • WP4: Architecture-level and Middleware Support
  • WP5: Dissemination and Exploitation
  • WP6: Project, Risk and Quality Management

The figure below specifies the tasks that are carried out in each technical workpackage, and their interrelations.

Task 1.3 – Application Development – regards the development and implementation of the three Use Cases.

Project Phases

Phase 1 (M1-M9), until the initial technical review

All partners work together to define the requirements for the overall design methodologies and technologies (MS1). The requirements will result from the analysis of the use-case application.

From the management perspective, the finalisation of the EAB will be carried out in addition to the definition of the dissemination activities (MS8, MS9). This phase includes MS1, MS8 and MS9 and culminates in the initial review at M9.

Phase 2 (M10-M18), until the end of first reporting period

A platform to boost the initial development of the application and the progress of the research will be created (MS2). Phase 2 will then implement the main software stack components (MS4) and the set of prototype use cases (MS3), on time for the second review (before M18). At this stage of the application development, integration with the resource manager is not foreseen, even if the applications will be almost complete from a functional point of view. Important feedbacks will be expected from the EAB which could potentially lead to a definition of a clear academic and industrial exploitation path. Within the first 17 months, significant dissemination activities will be carried out and a wide-scale communication plan will be boosted. This phase includes MS2, MS3, MS4, MS10 and culminates in the first review at M18.

Phase 3 (M18-M36), until the end of second reporting period

The last stage of the project is devoted to the finalisation of the tools for thermal, timing and reliability analysis (MS5) and of the integration of toolchain and applications (MS6). An extensive validation will be carried out, and optimized resource management policies will be identified for all applications (MS7). All the best practices, including EAB feedbacks, will be presented at the final review and incorporated in D6.4 (MS11). A mature exploitation plan capable to address new market segments is expected, together with a plan for a book on the RECIPE foreground (MS11). This phase includes MS5, MS6, MS7, MS11 and culminates in the final review at M36.