Centro Regionale Information Communication Technology


The Centro Regionale Information Communication Technology scrl (CeRICT) is a consortium of ten universities and public research centres in the Campania Region, Italy, set up as an outcome of the CRdC ICT project in 2002 by the Campania Region. The CeRICT main mission is to increase the economical and social value of affiliated research institutions matching the medium/long-term research needs of Industry and Public Administrations. CeRICT also provides a lightweight administrative infrastructure simplifying the management of complex research projects, including European projects. More than 200 professors, researchers, and technicians form the virtual staff of CeRICT through its affiliated organizations. Particularly relevant to the RECIPE proposal are the competences of the University of Naples Federico II, covering advanced digital design techniques, reconfigurable technologies, high-level programming languages and frameworks for automated digital system design, and dedicated hardware acceleration for cryptographic processing. The university premises also host a digital hardware laboratory used in RECIPE for on-chip architecture exploration. The CeRICT affiliated members have recognized participation and contributions in top ranked journals and conferences in the area of electronic design automation, computer architecture, as well as parallel and scientific computing. They are involved in a number of European projects, steering committees, and scientific activities in the area of HPC.

Key personnel

Alessandro Cilardo is currently an associate professor at the University of Naples Federico II. He received a five-year degree in Electronics Engineering, magna cum laude, in 2003, and a PhD degree in Computer Science in November 2006. He is the single or main author of around 75 peer-reviewed papers published in leading scientific journals and conferences, including various IEEE and ACM transactions, as well as top conferences like DATE and FPL. His research focuses on digital design methodologies and the application of programming paradigms and tools from the parallel computing domain to electronic system-level design. A further research activity in the area of computer arithmetic targets the application domain of security and cryptography-related processing. Alessandro is involved in a number of funded projects at both the national level (PRIN projects) and the European level (7FP and H2020 projects). Among other activities relevant to the RECIPE proposal, he was the organizer of the DATE 2014 Special Interest Workshop on Electronic System-Level Design towards Heterogeneous Computing, he worked on heterogeneous acceleration of HPC security-related applications in the framework of the HPC-Europa2 project, he has been the Principal Investigator of the HtComp-Heterogeneous Computing In The Cloud: Enabling Tomorrow’s High-Performance Applications project, co-funded by Compagnia San Paolo foundation (STAR call) and selected for funding by the European Science Foundation in 2013. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation (HiPEAC). More details are available here: http://wpage.unina.it/acilardo